HVAC Maintenance / Operations Engineer (2027)

New York, NY, USA

Job Type

Full-Time; Direct-Hire

About the Role

Location: New York, NY Industry: IT Shift: A: Thursday, Friday, Saturday; 7:00AM to 7:00PM B: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; 7:00AM To 7:00PM Compensation: $66/HR~ (DoE) + great benefits

This position requires Q01/Q99 certification.

Main responsibilities are:

  • Maintain strict compliance with all Federal, State and Local codes, regulations and standards

  • Perform preventative tests and analyze data to ensure the proper functioning of all base building and critical system equipment, including electrical, HVAC, fire/life safety, security and emergency back-up systems. Determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required. Preventative maintenance and repair experience required

  • Monitor the operations and make customer approved adjustments of chilled water systems, heat exchangers, CRAC Units, HVAC, electrical systems, emergency back-up systems, hot water systems, pumps, valves, filters and other mechanical and electrical equipment

  • Record readings and make recommendations for adjustments where necessary to ensure proper operation of equipment

  • Prepare and maintain maintenance logs and reports to accurately document the condition of systems in the data center

  • Maintain knowledge about preventive maintenance and work order software systems.

  • Coordinate contractor and management approvals for work orders that require the use of outside contractors

  • Maintain detailed logs of all work performed

  • Read, comprehend and work from complex technical information (i.e. blueprints, sketches, building plans and schematics) pertaining to electrical and mechanical systems that serve the data centers

  • Adhere to Standard Operating Procedures and formal change control processes to implement changes

  • Interact with all parts of the organization to respond to a variety of service requests.

  • Perform any and all work to ensure the safety of the buildings tenants and the continuous operation of the facility

  • Maintain organized building files

  • May be on-call after regular scheduled hours

  • Perform new customer site installs, and/ or oversee contractors conducting customer site installs

  • Adhere to all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Method of Procedures (MOP) and Emergency Operating Procedures (EOP) established for the critical environments, as well as the formal change control process

  • Operate machinery to approved specifications ensuring no downtime attributed to poor operations

  • Perform preventive maintenance on all base building and critical system equipment

  • Perform tests, rounds and analyzes data to ensure the proper functioning of equipment

  • Analyze the operation of various systems, determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required

  • Remote monitoring for other facilities through BMS and web control system follow up with upper management vendor in emergency situations in conjunction with company procedures

  • In absence of FSD/DFSD, act as a fire warden during your scheduled shifts.

  • Tenant routine work orders (bulb and ballast replacement, security lock repairs, constructing private customer caged suites (or) cage modifications, repairs to office furniture etc...)

  • Coordinate with outside vendors or contractors for work within your site as contracted by the Facility Manager.

  • Perform preventative and proactive maintenance on the physical plant and associated critical systems (chillers, CHW pumps, sumps, diesel generators, batteries, UPS, cooling towers) and all tenant contracted PDU and air conditioning maintenance. Perform preventive and proactive maintenance and conduct readings on fuel tanks, air handlers, air compressors, exhaust fans, halon purge fan, heat exchanger, dry coolers and variable frequency drives

  • Perform all assigned work as to ensure the safety of the buildings tenants and the continuous operation of the facility

  • Perform monthly breaker amperage readings for all critical breakers for compiling power reports, complete chiller rotations and testing exercises, smoke detector drills, thermal infrared scanning, generator / load bank testing and facility load transfers when required for testing and drills

  • Perform other work assigned to them by their supervisor


  • A 2 year degree in a relevant field or equivalent experience is required

  • 3+ years of experience in a data center environment

  • Current NYC refrigeration Q99 License (Refrigeration System Operating Engineer License)

  • Must be experienced with volume pumps, pneumatic and electric controls, diesel generators, UPS’s, PDU’s, chillers, water tower cooling, PM’s and general data facilities knowledge. Preventative maintenance and repair experience required

  • Must be a team player, well organized, detailed in managing work assignments, and service orientated when dealing with clients

  • Must have excellent written, verbal and pc network and application skills

  • High level of accuracy and dependability are required

  • Must be capable of communicating with supporting staff and customers to represent the company for facilities-related inquiries

  • Must have a good background in electrical and mechanical systems with a thorough knowledge of all building trades

  • Will be required to work overtime and assume other related duties as required by the department management team